Where, Oh Where Has My Spikey Gone?


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Golfing with 0bozo?

Standing with the Black Pampers in front of voting locations?

Where, oh where can he be?
wow. you started a whole thread with the purpose of insulting another board member, calling him out by name. i'd suggest a kk'ing for you but there's no responsive site admin to whine to. you certainly win the troll award for the month.
I was a bit concerned about Spike's whereabouts as well. It is unlike him to be so silent for this long. I hope all is well with him and he is simply on vacation in Hawaii and not missing us at all.

Not really a call out thread........I'm sure he would love to play a few rounds of golf with his hero and would say that to suggest him standing in unity at polling sites is nothing but complimentary!

He's been a permanent fixture here for the past 4 yrs, practically the lone-wolf leftist......and suddenly nothing! Not even to say "I've had it up to here with you people" in a rambling manifesto....

He really has no time for us winger-extremists that he can't pop in to say howdy-do? Seriously?


How long has it been since he last posted?
Did he state that he wasn't coming back?

There's a possibility that he's on vacation and, like me, chooses to ignore technology while traveling. I spent 2.5 weeks in France traveling around and refused to bring either a cell phone or my laptop. It was great.