whihc setting in IE/ZA Pro disable adds in HWC?


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I updated recently to the newest version of ZA Pro and now those GINORMOUS adds in HWC are back!

I remember that I had the settings in ZA and IE 6 taht eliminated those nasty adds.

thanks for the help!

IE 6 SP1
WinXP Pro SP1
its version 3.0.134

all adds are gone in HWC!

the lastest version is CRAP! for me anyways...thak God I had saved a copy of the previous update
there's also a nice list of sites (whose solely purpose is to host ads) you might want to add to the HOSTS file with a or IP.

:mad4: crap.......

enter the page, accept terms, go to supertrick, then scroll down to the bottom and you will see something about a list of hosts in "here".