Who are we gonna fight


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Propaganda is so much fun

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- U.S. officials told CNN Wednesday that "secret surrender" negotiations have begun with key Iraqi military officials in hopes some military units will not fight U.S. and coalition forces should there be a war.

Communications with these Iraqi military officials are not being handled by the Pentagon, but instead by other "elements" of the U.S. government, the officials said.

One senior official said some elements of the Iraqi military may have already agreed not to fight. This underscores assessments by both the CIA and the Defense Intelligence Agency that the leadership around Saddam Hussein is "brittle." Officials have been making that assessment somewhat public as part of their effort to publicize Saddam's vulnerability.

Officials, however, say specifics cannot be detailed out of concern Saddam could enact retribution.



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Well, we're gonna need more men to handle all these surrenders. We might just have to randomly shoot some to reduce the workload to a managable level.