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Evaluation of Windows 7

  • Windows 7 is better than Windows XP.

    Votes: 4 57.1%
  • Windows 7 is worse than Windows Vista.

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  • I have no opinion of Windows 7.

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I was given a copy of Windows 7 from work to install on my home computer to evaluate. I'm not on the Desktop team here so I won't have to support it, but the general idea is that the other teams (server, network, voip, etc.) should become familiar with what they will be installing on the next generation of laptops/PCs in our environment. This is a full version of Windows 7 so it will not expire like the eval copy.

My current Windows OS at home is Vista, and I absolutely hate it. It was never ready for prime time and was released well before it should have been provided to the public for sale. I'm grateful that, here at work, they chose to go from XP to Windows 7, skipping Vista altogether.

I'd like to hear from anyone who has been using Windows 7. Before I get the "use Linux" comments, I do ... but at work they are a Windows shop and I need to get accustomed to the new OS.
I have been pleasantly surprised with my copy of Vista Home Premium 64. Two years & still going strong.

I've heard good things about 7.

Let us know what you think.
I have no hands-on opinion on it yet as I've never seen it or used it.

If it is any good to you, from slashdot to wired, the general consensus seems to be that it is a good product, way faster and less bloated than Vista. IMO, I'll have to see it to believe it, I'm still afraid people are calling it a good product because they are comparing it to Vista.
I too am disenfranchised, I've only seen 7 on display units in the stores. However....I have been told by winky that it is a better system in how it handles the resources. Also and almost as important as wink's input, the video folks are raving about it compared to Vista.

Hi-end video edit rendering is fairly tough on on a PC. What I understand is that the OS handles itself much better and memory loads are much smoother allowing the system to render much faster and with far less faults in the final product. Less crashes and real-time previews are improved dramatically.

Effects and transitions are suppose to look better although that might just be tainted beliefs of joy.

The video folks, for the most part, are endorsing 7 as the shit to have for editing.
Windows 7 What Vista was supposed to be.

rightee oh RM
Oh fer heavens sakes (clean) install it right away!

And never look back.

As for the rest of ya, if you don't like Vista
then you want Win_7 too.
We got a new laptop (my wife got a new laptop) a few weeks ago with 7 on it. So far it seems pretty good. Easy to use and so forth. I'd install it on my desktop but I'm waiting for drivers for some of my music stuff.
We've done a full Win7/2008 domain deployment and have Win7 (both 32 and 64) on some odd machines here and there.

Out of the two or so dozen computers I've done, only one have I had to find a driver for (the vague PCI Communication Device). Everything else was always found and worked out of the box.

To format 160gb and fully install took approx 20 mins on the last system I did.

Haven't had to dig too deep into it yet though. Huge improvement over Vista (which we skipped too).
I have been running Win7 on my machine for over 3 months.

Seems much faster and more stable than Vista.

vs. XP, more of a toss-up. XP is much more minimalist compared to Win7. I'm running XP on my netbook with a lot of stuff disabled/removed for speed. If you've got a 2GHz or better machine, tho, Win7 is the way to go.
The more horsepower you have the better with Windows 7
This is not a “how much is enough to run it” question.
You can never be to thin, to rich, have to much bandwidth
or have a high enough Windows Performance Rating ;)
I think I will install it after backing up some files I want to keep. I'll let you all know what I think of it.

Keep posting the input, though.
I'm upgrading my desktop at the end of the month and have a professional copy which I will install then.

Most people I speak to prefer over vista.
Getting a copy from work to demo but it will be a full version. This is so I can become familiar with Win7 when we push it to the new computers. (I'll be getting a refresh in July this year which will have Win7 on it.)

The copy I originally got would not let me boot install and I have a dual boot that I want to wipe clean entirely.
well, I've gotta get my feet a little wetter with 7, tomorrow.

I've gotta try to set one up back with a classic look/layout.

Does the 'classic' theme look pretty close to xp/2k?
well, I've gotta get my feet a little wetter with 7, tomorrow.

I've gotta try to set one up back with a classic look/layout.

Does the 'classic' theme look pretty close to xp/2k?

Shit, I hope so. I've got he fixed Win7 install disk sitting in front of me now and I'm hoping I can still use the "classic" theme.

*/Thinks back on the more stable Win2K Pro she used to use./*