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Discussion in 'Love & Lifestyles' started by kuulani, May 10, 2004.

  1. Gato_Solo

    Gato_Solo Out-freaking-standing OTC member

    Nice pun...septic tank...shit...:D :lloyd: :nerd: :devious:
  2. greenfreak

    greenfreak New Member

    I don't know about how it works out there but you could try a little "incentive" to get that permit done. ;)
  3. Inkara1

    Inkara1 Well-Known Member

    OK, please clarify. I really hope that by "incentive" you mean a briefcase full of small, unmarked, consecutive-numbered bills and not, er, "favors."
  4. kuulani

    kuulani New Member

    oh right ... errr, bills ... i knew that's what you meant *putting away handcuffs and toys*
  5. Professur

    Professur Well-Known Member

    So what you're saying is that they won't let you build just any old shit hole.
  6. Gato_Solo

    Gato_Solo Out-freaking-standing OTC member


    Looks like you've been hanging aroung Inky too long. :p
  7. Inkara1

    Inkara1 Well-Known Member

    I may be an inspiration to him, but I'm still the master of toilet humor.
  8. kuulani

    kuulani New Member

    look at the date of that!! that was forever-and-a-day ago ... most would assume my house was built already!!

    but, no. our contractor had a rough couple of years. first one parent dies, and shortly after another ... and since he's a friend of my husband, we didn't want to push him too hard to get started on our project.

    it looks like he's ready to start though :D all i can say is ... FINALLY!
  9. tonksy

    tonksy New Member

  10. woodman19_99

    woodman19_99 New Member

    Bummer, almost a year delay?? I can't wait 5 days for a package to arrive... I'd have completely lost it waiting for my house to be built!
  11. kuulani

    kuulani New Member

    i started this post in 2004 ... and i'm finally in my house!!
    we moved in over the weekend ... we still have minor stuff to move over and the old house to clean ... but we're in!!

    it's been a lesson in patience but this is my dream house!! i love it!!
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  12. A.B.Normal

    A.B.Normal New Member

    Awesome ,enjoy .
  13. BeardofPants

    BeardofPants New Member

    *this thread is worthless without pics
  14. chcr

    chcr Too cute for words

    Very cool.
  15. Gonz

    Gonz molṑn labé Staff Member

    Outstanding. Congrats
  16. SouthernN'Proud

    SouthernN'Proud Southern Discomfort

    Outstanding! Enjoy it, cherish it, and love it.
  17. TexasRaceLady

    TexasRaceLady Active Member

    Fantastic. :clap: :dance:

    I remember the feeling when we moved into our first custom-built house.

  18. paul_valaru

    paul_valaru 100% Pure Canadian Beef


    enjoy it.
  19. kuulani

    kuulani New Member

    I know, I know! I haven't gotten around to taking pictures yet ... I'll get to it after all the moving craziness is over :D
  20. greenfreak

    greenfreak New Member

    Woo hoooo! Congratulations!:trippin::trippin::trippin:

    I'm glad the wait is finally over. How do the kids like it? I must say, your kitchen is insanely cool and I LOVE the railings on the porch!! Excuuuuse me, the lanai. :D

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