Long overdue get to know your neighbor thread

Discussion in 'The Lobby' started by unclehobart, Jan 4, 2003.

  1. AlphaTroll

    AlphaTroll New Member

    You advertising? ;)
  2. Uki Chick

    Uki Chick New Member

    I was going to ask the same thing!
  3. Professur

    Professur Well-Known Member

    Well, there's two takers for ya, Cat. Nice racks on them too. All you have to pay is transport and immigration.
  4. Djcake

    Djcake New Member

    M 34
    3 kids 2b 1g
    Toronto Ontario
  5. Professur

    Professur Well-Known Member

    I miss Juggy.

    On the other hand, I think our visit pretty well fried any hope of HL's family expanding. But you gotta admit, it's more fun with more kids.
  6. paul_valaru

    paul_valaru 100% Pure Canadian Beef

    things change


    seperated, living in alberta

    will update when I change shit again
  7. HomeLAN

    HomeLAN New Member

    There was a chance of that before y'all got here?
  8. Professur

    Professur Well-Known Member

    It was only cast in concrete, before. Now it's carved in granite.
  9. Professur

    Professur Well-Known Member

    You've changed shit again.
  10. Uki Chick

    Uki Chick New Member

    Still living in Ste-Rose, Quebec
    Still seperated, and if the lawyer didn't have other ways around things that should have been received twice now, would be seperated forever.
    Still 30
    New boyfriend
    and flat broke
  11. Luis G

    Luis G <i><b>Problemator</b></i> Staff Member


    Still in Morelia, Mich., México
    Still never married and no kids.
    No gf for about a year.

    I have an engineer degree and soon I'll have an MSc EE degree.
  12. Leslie

    Leslie Communistrator Staff Member

    Avery's up for a loan if someone one wants a titanium guarantee.
  13. HomeLAN

    HomeLAN New Member

    Sorry. Not in the market for temps, either.
  14. Leslie

    Leslie Communistrator Staff Member

    dammit! :(
  15. K62

    K62 New Member

    No kids!
    Girlfriend for about 1.5 years.
    I's a Sailor, matey.
  16. Professur

    Professur Well-Known Member

    Weren't you heading to the altar, Jon?
  17. Leslie

    Leslie Communistrator Staff Member

    She's hot. If you weren't, you should.
  18. unclehobart

    unclehobart New Member

    If you wanna be happy for the rest of your life
    Never make a pretty woman your wife
    So from my personal point of view
    Get an ugly girl to marry you

    A pretty woman makes her husband look small
    And very often causes his downfall
    As soon as he marries her, then she starts
    Doin' the things that will break his heart

    But if you make an ugly woman your wife
    You'll be happy for the rest of your life
    An ugly woman cooks your meals on time
    An she'll always give you peace of mind

    Don't let your friends say you have no taste
    Go ahead and marry anyway
    Though her face is ugly and her eyes don't match
    Take it from me, she's a better catch
  19. paul_valaru

    paul_valaru 100% Pure Canadian Beef

    Still Paul

    Barrie ontario

    none of your business :brow:
  20. TexasRaceLady

    TexasRaceLady Active Member

    Married in 1967 --- still with him. :) Met him in the 5th grade -- age 10. :D
    1 son in California -- 2 grandsons

    I'm a retired 7th grade English/Language Arts teacher

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