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  1. Scanty Subterranean Homesick Alien New Member It's just...........bread. Puffy, seasoned bread. Indian style. Sometimes called roti.

    But banana bread will be fine too.
  2. Starya comatose New Member

    God, I love naan bread. Dipped in tikka masala sauce... Mmm..
  3. K62 Just Crazy. New Member

    Ah ok. Since I have no idea what naan bread is, I would buy you some banana bread, if there wasn't an ocean in between us.

    Maybe I can mail you some over...... Or even better! How about I just mail a banana over. By the time it gets there, I'm sure it will be nice and rotten. :confused:

    Perfect for banana bread. :grinyes:
  4. Luis G Natural disaster <i><b>Problemator</b></i>

  5. Nixy Princess Consuela Banana Hammock Elimi-nistrator

    You're making me want banana bananas are still perfectly yellow though...still awhile before they're good for banana bread :(

    I do make a delicious banana bread though...and I'm not being arrogant, I used to make it all the time when I lived in Hamilton cause I could never manage to finish my bananas on time and it got to the point where my friends would bring me their rotten bananas so I'd make banana bread and bring it into class!! They loved it! :D
  6. tonksy Hitting the egg nog New Member

    I need to make some naan.
  7. Scanty Subterranean Homesick Alien New Member

    I thought you were good at oceans.

    Ok, fine I'll... "have a banana" they say in Londontown.
  8. K62 Just Crazy. New Member

    I'm not very good at oceans. I get sea sick. *puke2* :crying7::crying7:
  9. K62 Just Crazy. New Member

    Hmm, I've never made it my self.. but my mom makes awesome stuff.

    The banana bread we get from the Irving stores isn't half bad either.
  10. Altron LIKE A BOSS!!!!! Well-Known Member

    I need to con Sawhney's mom into making some Naan, being that she's Indian and all.

    I figured that I might as well take a new picture too... my August "wearing work uniform tangled hair snapped at arms length for Tonksy at 4 am" photo was boring me.

    I'll admit it... I suck at smiling for pictures. I always end up looking like a pedophile in every picture. If I don't smile, I look depressed. I'm beginning to realize that I have a "death stare". Recently, I've been learning how to use it to fuck with people. Whenever I pose for a picture, I either look like I'm about to molest somebody or I'm about to kill somebody. So I need to do the "surprised" look. Otherwise, if I need my picture taken, I hope that someone with a camera manages to sneak up on me during one of my "slightly amused" looks.
  11. Inkara1 To err is human. To arr is pirate. Well-Known Member

    Scanty... perhaps you should ask for a hot guy in a banana hammock, instead.

    Al... have someone tell you a pirate joke right before the picture. Pirate jokes are always good for a laugh.
  12. Nixy Princess Consuela Banana Hammock Elimi-nistrator

    mmmmm Irving is my FAVOURITE restaurant, everything from Irving is good. Of course there are none here in Ontario...:grumpy:
  13. tonksy Hitting the egg nog New Member

    I have only seen one man that looked attractive in a banana hammock and it was a 300+ lb best of an Estonian in the World's Strongest Man Championship. Fucking mind boggling.
    And no I don't mean the oiled up pose-a-thon that is weightlifting/body building. I mean where they carry cars and anvils and the like.
  14. K62 Just Crazy. New Member

    You guys have the Irving gas bars and general stores there, don't cha?

    We have Irving convenience stores on every corner here pretty much :D
  15. Professur I'm just a fungii. Well-Known Member

    dude, change it. You look like you're waiting for a cock to be shoved in there.
  16. K62 Just Crazy. New Member

    Haha, :yawn3:
  17. Nixy Princess Consuela Banana Hammock Elimi-nistrator

    No :mope:

    When I go to Newfoundland I insist on EVERY stop be at an Irving (once we reach them) and then when I'm IN Newfoundland I insist at eatting at Irving EVERYTIME we go into town.
  18. BeardofPants *shakes fist* New Member

    I thought that too!! :laugh:
  19. Spirit Kissy Goddess Kissy Goddess

    I followed the link from page one and I don't see Altron there? Is there a new link?
  20. tonksy Hitting the egg nog New Member

    It's in his profile.

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