The Passion of the Christ

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    I wish I could read Hebrew, but I'm not going to take time to learn it. :D
    I look at the scrolls myself actually more as history, than some parts of the bible.
    Of coarse in my reasoning, even though I believe the bible was divinely inspired,
    men make mistakes, and as it's told to different people, the story can change.
    Also different people see the same event differently sometimes, or describe them
    in a fashion that may differ from the actual events.
    What lends more creed to old documentation to me is when several sources
    say close to the same thing. That's one reason I a belief in the "Gospels".
    They all say close to the same thing, and are verified here and there by others in that time.
    Then for me the question becomes did any, or all of these people exist, or
    was it all a story that a handful of people made up.
    I also believe the finding of things described in the bible lend creed to at least part of it,
    like when they found what is believed to be Noah's ark.

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