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Discussion in 'The Lobby' started by Justintime, Jun 2, 2003.

  1. Squiggy A fool and his ThunderDick

    Hey...Whatever works... :D
  2. Shadowfax ...Bla... <b>mod cow</b>

  3. SIOUX hiscariously frumble New Member

    He told me it was life size but that would make him about 20 ft tall :eek:
  4. Squiggy A fool and his ThunderDick :eek6:
  5. tommyj27 I DARN YOU TO HECK! Not really Banned

    it must be hard to find pants that fit squiggy
  6. Squiggy A fool and his ThunderDick

    :( Tell me about it....
  7. Nixy Princess Consuela Banana Hammock Elimi-nistrator

    I don't get many PMs either'

    Except for last summer when I had a little fling thing going with someone on the boards I have never had a regualr PM buddy :(

    I miss that guy :( I wish he would still be my friend :mope:
  8. Rooney Sotir de ma maison! New Member

    Yo, I'm new. My name is heather. I am 13. Young but I don't care. Jus need some work on my social skills. Seems like an aiight place. BuT yea wuteva. Seems queer but...nm byes.
    YokA :laugh4:
    im out.
  9. Raven Until the day I die.... Annoying SOB

    errrm yeah whatever she said
  10. CheeseRocket Just passing thru New Member

    Oops... I posted my "Hi! I new!" in another part.. Town hall maybe? I dunno.
  11. MizzFizzTheBizz Bad Hair Day New Member

    I can follow the rules...I,m unfit, anti war, allergic to animal hair, don't like water on my face and my bath is not big enough
  12. FunnyEggplant Sit on ma face and I'll guess yer weight New Member

    I feel intimidated already.....
  13. tadrlz Master2B New Member


    I have been experiencing extreme difficutly logging on to KoC all day today. The server seems to be getting overloaded around 3,000 active users or are the routers producing excessive errors? I was unable to spend my money then someone stole it ($1.7m) I was trying to upgrade when it happened. makes me[blink][looks around] angry![/blink]
  14. Nitro_RaiDen New Member

    ouch thats alot of gold yo try opening more then one window when dealing with that much gold cuts down on sell and buy time :swing:
  15. Nekhebet Queen of the Demons New Member

  16. valkyrie exile Well-Known Member

    No 'horseplay'? Well, yeah! A girl has to draw the line somewhere... o_O
  17. tank girl New Member

    Ah shy me?? scary? I hope so! ;) nice and normal? dammit wheres the fun in that? :p
  18. staffrodore creatively boring New Member

    Wahhhooooo look at all the n00bs in this thread :rofl:
  19. Inkara1 To err is human. To arr is pirate. Well-Known Member

    Re: angry_newbie

    Anyone ever wonder why I quit playing?
  20. CTM Canadian Tire Money New Member

    Re: angry_newbie

    no, i can't say i have ever wondered about that.

    thanks for the welcome though.

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