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Discussion in 'Town Hall' started by Professur, Oct 13, 2009.

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    The thing with the no porn/"if it has butt floss it's fine" is because we also had to obey the rules the server provider had or else the site could just disappear with no notice.
  3. paul_valaru

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    just the facts.
  4. Cerise

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    My eyes.......they burn.
  5. MrBishop

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    Buy better contact solutions. ;D
  6. Gonz

    Gonz molṑn labé Staff Member

    Very subjective.

    It really is simple. Don't act a fool & all is well. Cross the line & it might get overlooked because we are all adults (mostly). Camp yer happy ass on the shit side of the line & it gets ugly.

    The alternative is...we follow the rules to a T & everybody gets booted.
  7. ResearchMonkey

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    I suspected it rather subjective.

    I'm all for funny but I'm not into pron, I much prefer 'scratch-n-sniff' myself.

    I believe in the word 'judge', I like the idea that someone of 'good judgment' is able make a call based on available context filtered with common sense. I do not like the concept of 'look at this guy, he broke the rules here so ....blah blah blah'. I have seen this happen before and it tend to remove the ability to make a 'judgment'.

    Thanks for the clarification.
  8. ResearchMonkey

    ResearchMonkey Well-Known Member

    Good catch ;)
  9. randomJACKASS

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    My eyes burn because they put too much chlorine in our water. No fluoride, but they put so much chlorine in that when you fill a tub of water it actually smells of bleach. It burns your eyes even before the soap! But I suppose better a little chlorine than a lot of giardia.
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  11. randomJACKASS

    randomJACKASS Banned

    Hey there is a party in the RW old school style! Awesome huh?!? I got to go home though I have already kind of had one too many glasses of vitriol, but it's getting good again, so go check it out!
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  13. Professur

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    And once again, the Real World takes over OTC. Fuck it, I'm gone.
  14. catocom

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    on the up side..
    imo, leslie did a good job earlier, moderating. :headbang:
  15. MrBishop

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    Leslie's been run ragged recently... I still say that we need more Mods to lessen her load, eh.
  16. catocom

    catocom Well-Known Member

    I'd never work out.
    apparently 'clearly'
    some think I'm biased already :D

    I musta went straight through the nerve and hit bone today. :bgpimp:
  17. ResearchMonkey

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    Maybe I missed it, but things seem just dandy to me.
  18. MrBishop

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    Tell that to Prof

    What we've got back in spades since RW went back online is either a lot of 'I know you are, but what am I?' rhetoric usually interspersed with personal insults or mutual masturbation...

    Les' sig and edits are all over the more recent threads since reboot.
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  20. catocom

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    ooh, that sounds kinky :bgpimp:

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