What's for lunch?

Discussion in 'Good Food' started by Professur, Dec 20, 2006.

  1. BeardofPants *shakes fist* New Member

    Vegetarian. ;)
    And onion soup mix is just heathenish. I'm reporting you to the authorities!!
  2. rrfield There will be no revolution! Let's play Nintendo. New Member

    your food opinion doesn't count!
  3. MrBishop Fuckin' Idealist on Holiday. CYA Well-Known Member

    A vegetarian who doesn't like Broccoli ??!?

    Next thing you'll be telling us that Brussel sprouts are out of the question :p
  4. BeardofPants *shakes fist* New Member

  5. kuulani coo-ooh-la-knee New Member

    I'm currently having water for lunch ... I seriously need to heighten my hunter-gatherer instincts.
  6. Sharky Carcharodon carcharias New Member

    Country Omelets - with green peppers and ham and cheese, with hashbrowns, onions, sausage, and sausage gravy on top.
  7. tonksy Hitting the egg nog New Member

    I had Kroger sushi.
  8. simplyred New Member

    Thought about lunch around 3:30 so skipped it.
  9. BeardofPants *shakes fist* New Member

    gnocchi with wild mushrooms, spinach, and thyme butter.
  10. simplyred New Member

    :licks lips:
  11. Sharky Carcharodon carcharias New Member

    Actually, it was a huge omelet with peppers, bacon, onions, sausage and hashbrowns folded into it with sausage gravy on top an a big dollop of grits.

    And it were right tasty.

    Tonight we had fried chicken livers with white gravy, cole slaw, and hushpuppies. From the authentic 1950s drive-in on Harrison Avenue downtown, the Tally-Ho. And I say "authentic" as in: it's been there since the 1950s.
  12. tonksy Hitting the egg nog New Member

    Tempeh and spinach stirfried with garlic, soy sauce, ginger, and lemon flavored white wine vinegar in sesame oil.
  13. SouthernN'Proud Fighting oppressive Warshinton gubmint since 1861 Southern Discomfort

    Kool-Aid and a Baby Ruth.
  14. Dave Well-Known Member

    noodle soup with beef brisket and seafood/veggie plate at a local Vietnamese resturant.
  15. Nixy Princess Consuela Banana Hammock Elimi-nistrator

    I had pasta with alfredo sauce and left over turkey in the sauce. It was extra tastey. Regular tastey cause it was a good meal, extra cause I didn't have to cook it :D

    Tonight I am going to my friend's engagement party for a few hours and then off to my uncle's to gorge myself on seafood :D
  16. tonksy Hitting the egg nog New Member

    Leftover pedazos open face sandwiches and half an avocado.
  17. simplyred New Member

    Breakfast. Eggs and Biscuits with Orange slices.
  18. unclehobart Cynic PhD New Member

    Baby Ruth?
  19. simplyred New Member

  20. simplyred New Member

    Turkey and swiss sammie on wheat with tomato, alph alpha sprouts, and avacodo

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