What's yer speed?

Discussion in 'Science and Technology' started by greenfreak, Feb 8, 2008.

  1. greenfreak New Member

    We just got Verizon Fios installed in November and I checked my speed for the first time tonight. I think I'm supposed to be getting faster:


    What's yours? http://www.speedtest.net/
  2. chcr We're dancing for once! Too cute for words


    Don't talk to me! Just don't talk to me!

    "Verizon currently does not have a plan in place to extend into your area."

    [email protected]!!
  3. greenfreak New Member

    These are the conversations I remember when people ask me why I stay in NY. :D

    We were the first to have Optimum Online too.

    Although, I've heard Verizon's customer service is abysmal. Does that make you feel better? My free 19" Sharp HDTV will be here Saturday. :p
  4. Mirlyn shutterbug Well-Known Member

    Yep, thats pretty much it.
  5. A.B.Normal Elf deprecating New Member

    What they said X8

  6. Mirlyn shutterbug Well-Known Member

    I think I'm supposed to have 6m/768k....can't remember. This is probably the best I'd get since my ISP is a direct peer with the Atlanta area (corp noc is there).


    EDIT: looks like my bill matches the 7m/512k plan on their site.
  7. Gato_Solo Bard of Mary Kay Out-freaking-standing OTC member

    Mine is kinda slow...but...then again...I'm routed through eleventy-million servers...

  8. Inkara1 To err is human. To arr is pirate. Well-Known Member


    Speakeasy's speed test usually gets me just over 5000. It's advertised as 6-meg DSL.
  9. Gonz Founding Member and Vast molṑn labé

    Ain't FiOS wonderful? :D

  10. greenfreak New Member


    This is my test at work:


  11. Luis G Natural disaster <i><b>Problemator</b></i>


    No net at home :(
  12. Gonz Founding Member and Vast molṑn labé

    No wonder you get the big bucks. :lol2:
  13. paul_valaru would you like to bite my... 100% Pure Canadian Beef

  14. catocom Person of Interest Well-Known Member

  15. greenfreak New Member

    I never said I made big bucks! Besides, how much speed do you need for 10 people?

    I can stream Shoutcast without anyone noticing, that's all I need. ;)
  16. Altron LIKE A BOSS!!!!! Well-Known Member

  17. chcr We're dancing for once! Too cute for words

    You know, I can actually see New York. Baltimore too. I'm jealous, but I can see it. But Fort Wayne [email protected] [email protected]?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    How sad is it that I have a T1 at work and it's slow?
  18. Mirlyn shutterbug Well-Known Member

    Hell, I manage five in total and its still slow. Used to be that you get the "up" advantage. Now, about all you can proclaim is that you can yell and trucks roll ASAP.
  19. chcr We're dancing for once! Too cute for words

    I haven't checked lately but typically my cable internet at home is as fast or faster down.
  20. Mirlyn shutterbug Well-Known Member

    Oh, its definitely faster. Thats why I was saying Ts have the "up" advantage--their upstream (vital for most network services) is faster than your typical high-speed connection at home, which is usually 4-6meg down (3-4 times the speed of a T1) but only 512-768k up (1/3 to 1/2 the speed of a T1).

    Still, T1s are roughly 10x the cost. You get no uptime guarantee (SLA) with the home or business cable/dsl connections, which is probably why T1s still exist in today's world.

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