Who would play YOU?

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by Scanty, Aug 7, 2002.

  1. SouthernN'Proud

    SouthernN'Proud Southern Discomfort

    I've dropped some weight and lost the mane, so...

    1. Keiffer Sutherland (I can dream)

    2. Probably Reese Witherspoon, or the San Diego Chargers Cheerleader squad.

    3. Rosie O'Lardass
  2. Scanty

    Scanty New Member

    Lol. That's very......Patrick Bateman :D
  3. simplyred

    simplyred New Member

    She doesn't look like me, except we have the same hair and shoe obsession...
    1) Sarah Jessica Parker
    2) Chris Noth ....oh he is sexy
    3) Kurt Angle
  4. tonksy

    tonksy New Member

    While I agree on Chris Noth I must say that I wouldn't kick Kurt Angle outta bed either....actually, I'm quite sure I am physically incapable of it :eek:
  5. simplyred

    simplyred New Member

    Oh God he gets under my skin. I haven't watched wrestling in a long time, but when I did (about 6 yrs ago) I was known to get up and scream obscenities at the television when he was on. UGH!

    I would also blow up Trish Stratus and Stephanie Mcmahon.
  6. tonksy

    tonksy New Member

    I certainly agree with the latter sentiment...I haven't watched wrestling in.....3 years?
  7. chcr

    chcr Too cute for words

    Let's try again:

    1. John Ratzenberger
    2. Jenna James (girl got mad skillz)
    3. Ben Affleck (please, if I can't then somebody do it)

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