why some handicapped people bother me. a lot.

Discussion in 'The Real World' started by BlurOfSerenity, Sep 13, 2004.

  1. BlurOfSerenity

    BlurOfSerenity New Member

    disclaimer: before i say anything, you should know that i am not trying to be like "OMG I HATE CRIPPLES" or anything. cos i don't. moving on,

    it bothers me when people in wheelchairs think that they own the world just because they have no legs or are paralyzed or whatever the case is.
    for example, when i worked at target last year, there used to be this guy who was in a wheelchair, and when i walked around the store while on my break and stuff, he would zip right in front of me. he would carelessly just roll by, right in front of me, leaving me with almost no time to stop so that i didn't trip over him. when i would almost trip, he would give me this really mean, bitter glare.
    and i'm like, jeez, should i be ashamed of the fact that i can walk? because you seem quite spiteful....

    but oh, their caretakers can be so much worse.
    like today at school.
    i was standing outside, by the drop-off loop waiting for my ride home. one of the security officers parked his vehicle in the loop, but it was off to the side and at the time the loop was empty otherwise. the security officer went into the building and was gone for a moment.
    in the meantime, a van pulled up, with a wheelchair ramp thing. a woman and a boy got out of it to assist a guy in a wheelchair with the ramp. as they did this, the security officer came back out, and was obstructed from the drivers-side of his vehicle by the van. he stood patiently and waited for them to finish. but the woman looked up at him with a really nasty face and snapped at him, "it would be easier to do this if you didn't park your car there". she wasn't polite at all, it was totally snippy.
    if i had been the guard, i would have said, "sorry i didn't get the memo" or "oh, my psychic powers are screwy today, othwerise i would have known you'd be doing this 5 minutes AFTER i parked here and walked away".
    if i had been the guy in the wheelchair, i would have told the woman to be quiet because she didn't help, only hindered. (that puts it nicely).
    but the guard was silent. so was the guy in the wheelchair. the woman was the only one making a fuss. and it was the dumbest thing ever.

    people want to be treated equally, and with respect. how does being a total prick gain you respect? the only respect it may get you is there because the people you're being a prick to don't want you to sue them.
    and even tho the wheelchair guy from school wasn't a prick, the lady was so mean. so thanks to her, wheelchair guy could be the nicest guy in the world, but the more the lady screams at people, the less chance people are going to give the guy. she only hurts him in the end.

    well, this was just me venting my frustration so that next time someone in a wheelchair, or their caretaker, pisses me off, i don't maim them beyond human recognition. because the offense would be considered more serious if i hit a handicapped person. why? because they're handicapped, and the world obviously owes them something. duh.

    the end.
  2. BlurOfSerenity

    BlurOfSerenity New Member

    i will also add that in the second scenario, the security vehicle was not obstructing a path, but rather making it so that the wheelchair would have to travel about three feet further that it might have, otherwise.
    also, while the van was there, it took up the entire drop-off space and a line of cars formed behind it. a lot of the students in the cars, after waiting a couple of minutes just sitting there, gave up on getting to the actual drop-off space and just got out of the cars 20 feet from where they would normally.
    so she was complaining about being inconvienienced, while mindlessly inconvieniencing many others.
  3. Oz

    Oz New Member

    Come back and comment when you've lived/lived with someone in their situation......then you might have the right to judge them on their attitude.

    [edit]too personal[/edit] Gonz
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  4. PT

    PT Off 'Motherfuckin' Topic Elite

    Can't say I disagree with you, but what pisses me off more is the number of people that have handicap tags here at work that I know aren't handicap. I know there are some pretty stiff fines for parking in a handicap without the tag, but they should do screenings sometime to see if the tags even belong to the people that are parking. I am almost positive at least a few of them are their parents or some other relatives. At least that's what I think when I see them get out of thier car, run into the building and down the steps instead of using the ramp. Grrr... Fuckwits.
  5. ClaireBear

    ClaireBear Banned

    I think AshR should have named the thread... "Some people bother me"

    As I have a feeling that the guy who seemingly "sees you walking and tries to plough into you" would... I'd assume act like that... even if he weren't confined to a wheelchair... and the woman with a problem well she was able bodied wasn't she?

    Try pushing a 16 stone man up a car ramp... then you'd know frustration!

    Sorry but I'm with Oz... I'll save Gonz the effort....

    [EDIT]Too personal [/EDIT]
  6. Gonz

    Gonz molṑn labé Staff Member

    Differently abled *puke* can't have attitude problems? She gave specific incedents that she had problems with & from her description, she may be right to be pissy.
  7. Luis G

    Luis G <i><b>Problemator</b></i> Staff Member

    The girl was right, the guard shouldn't have parked there in the first place.
  8. BlurOfSerenity

    BlurOfSerenity New Member

    people are people. and if they get an attitude or get snotty, i treat them all the same. i don't make special allowances just because someone cannot walk. i did not take away their legs or damage their nervous systems, they don't need to act like i owe them something. i'm just trying to do my thing. i let people do theirs. in general, being a prick to everyone in the world is not a good way to earn respect. that's about all i meant by anything i said there.

    all i can really say to that, is :rolleyes:
  9. BlurOfSerenity

    BlurOfSerenity New Member

    so if a guard has a situation to respond to, which he may have, he should park in the student lot which is the closest to the building but is still quite a way's walk from it, right?
    the walkway in front of the building where the drop-off thing is has a slopey thing that is not road. the guard's car was at at least half off the road and on the walkway. it was also parked more forward, toward a bend in the road. it was hardly an obstruction.
  10. BlurOfSerenity

    BlurOfSerenity New Member

    yes, yes she was. so in this case, you are right, it was not the handicapped person who was actually bothering me. but regardless of this, it still seemed to fit the title. so i left it as it was.

    i should have specified that it was the automated kind, she had only to push on a pedal to make it go down, push on another pedal to make it go up, and wave goodbye to him
  11. Luis G

    Luis G <i><b>Problemator</b></i> Staff Member

    I doubt the guy went there to attend an urgent situation. It is hardly an obstruction to you, 3 feets walking is close to nothing, but on a wheelchair is a different story, specially if you're the one pushing him or getting him down the car.

    I'm rather surprised that you are surprised about her attitude, do you think is the first time she deals with that situation?, it can really puts you on a permanent intolerant mood after years of seeing people obstructing because of their laziness. Just a thought ash. :)
  12. BlurOfSerenity

    BlurOfSerenity New Member

    precisely. at no point did i say anything about ALL handicapped people. i said "some", or "ones that piss me off", etc. it wasn't meant to sound like i was bashing anyone. under it all i was just trying to make the point of "give respect, get respect".
  13. BlurOfSerenity

    BlurOfSerenity New Member

    it is hard to be sure.

    i should also have specified that it was an automated wheelchair, the kind with a little control that can be manipulated to propel/steer it.
  14. BlurOfSerenity

    BlurOfSerenity New Member

    it really wasn't an obstruction, tho, is the point. if what you say is the case for her, that's she's just in a premanent intolerant mood, then that's just being nitpicky. it wasn't a problem (from my point of view which in this situation i consider quite reasonable) until she got all up in arms about it.
  15. paul_valaru

    paul_valaru 100% Pure Canadian Beef

    so basically you realized the ahandicapped people are people too, and they there are nice handicapped people, and handicapped people who are assholes.

    Tiny Tim on his crutch saying "god love us, everybody" is just a stereotype, just cause someone is disabled don't mean they have to be nice.
  16. BlurOfSerenity

    BlurOfSerenity New Member

    there are good handicapped people and bad handicapped people, just as there are with every other convievable categorization or grouping of people.
    and i realise now also that titling my thread as i did was perhaps unwise. but "hindsight is always 20/20", as they say.
    and no one has to be nice, but if they want to be respected and treated with compassion, being nice is usually considered a helpful thing.
  17. paul_valaru

    paul_valaru 100% Pure Canadian Beef

    people maybe got upset cause it came off like you where suprised they acted that way.

    Like because they are handicapped they should act all nice and helpless
  18. Lukav

    Lukav New Member

    yeah, i have had this happen to me from time to time, like when im walking through a town or something, and somebody comes in front of me, i walk to the left and he/she moves to the left and they keep looking back at me as if to say stop following me, one day i even got so pissed with one i just told them to f**k off and stop pi**ing me off

    [edit]just to let you know, i dont have a problem with them, just that this one inpaticular was pi**ing me off and i was in a bad mood :disgust2: [/edit]
  19. Oz

    Oz New Member

    Exactly Paul.

    Ash you seem to be under the impression that the folks you dealt with this morning don't have the right to have an attitude........millions do, every day, in every situation. No one should have to curb themselves to Ash's ideas of "how to behave" (within' the limit of their areas law of course)

    Yup.....disability or not, they are still an active and important part of our society. And the fact that a disabled person's reaction to a situation has shocked you Ash......well, it makes me wonder if you've been walking around with your eyes and ears closed your whole life.

    Strange.....you'll totally dismiss my attitude direct towards you....yet you spent ten mins on a public messageboard complaining about an earlier event.....complaining about it after the event.

    You standards of judgements are admirable Ash :rolleyes:
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  20. BlurOfSerenity

    BlurOfSerenity New Member

    i know that this might be considered putting fuel on a fire that i just tried really hard to subdue,
    but some kinds of mental handicaps bother me, also. but read on, because i do NOT mean the serious ones.

    and before i am told i have no right to say that, i will clarify that I AM "mentally handicapped" by the standards of schools and the like.

    i have ADHD and Bipolar Disorder, which are both, apparantly, things that should mean i can't learn and need tons of extra help and support.
    i don't believe in whoring one's mental disorders, and i am personally, completely and unabashedly disgusted by all the people who act like having a disorder of the mind is a perfectly acceptable reason to not do what they would be expected to had they not the diagnosis.
    especially if they don't need to.

    some people need to. some people really, really are affected by things like ADHD. but then there are people like me who aren't, but still are offered the supports that come with being labeled as such. and it's sad when someone just accepts that even tho they don't need it. it's sad because they're not trying.

    there are stigmas against things like this, and if we keep feeding into them, we keep getting judged for it.
    if you don't have to be affected so severly by what they say you have, then don't be.

    but that's a whole different subject that i have written tons about, over time.

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