2012 Movie


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They're calling disaster porn. I saw the preview a couple times in the theater which was cool. Can't decide if I'm interested or not.


molṑn labé
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I'd give that guy a driving job any day.

Movie looks silly but entertaining


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the special effects is what I'd be interested in also.
I haven't seen the trailer yet.

I saw the kid watching scooby the other day, and thought, man they could
make that good if they used a real dog, and and made him appear to talk,
like in some of the other movies.

That commercial with that baby talking just kills me.:D


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It's eye candy...ya need it every once in a while :) Not every movie can be a 'schindler's list'


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not really... schindler's list was a deep movie..lots of levels.

2012 is all surface - shiny on the outside, vapid on the inside.
It's not meant to be deep...so it's needed every once in a while.


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I think a person musta had to have been at least part Jewish to really appreciate schindler's.
I fell asleep.


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Saw the movie. Horribly offenseive to the intelligence but the seeing the Earth get destroyed like that is enough of a reason to see it. Just interesting to see such imagery...reminds me of I am Legend...another dumb flick but seeing NYC emptied like that was mesmirizing.