American Gun Owners to be Fingerprinted and Registered: Feinstein Announces Nightmare Plan

so back on topic hah on off topic central

so when (not if) a national gun registration passes
will you register or become a criminal?

do you know the stats on guns used against criminals vs other shit like little timmy blows his own finger off?

oh, look, you're quiet just like the lady in the video.

well at least you have your faith.
if timmy's to stupid to go through life with all his fingers
that's not my concern

yesh my widdle commie bro
the disarmament of the American pubic will come to pass
doncha know?
They won't send me anything telling me if they ruled against.
If they rule "for" then naturally they'll send my permit.

I guess I won't be hearing anything on a permit, as new language has been added.
It used to just say "drug abuse, or convicted of a felony".
Now they've added "alcohol abuse", and I have attended a 30 day in patient program for that, so....
No permit for me. For now anyway. (even though that was 25 years ago)
nope, and I was wild in my earlier days.
A lot more lefty minded than now. That's for sure.
I like to think I've learned from my mistakes though.
lefty minded? you mean you were some kind of pussy communist? or do you mean you were just more of a retard?
not remotely. right wingers are full of shit and only value the freedom to be exactly like them. they don't really even value economic freedom, as their infantile, regressive moralizing gets in the way.

hey man, go ahead, plook a toaster or a fellow named bobbie, i will still take your money.