American Gun Owners to be Fingerprinted and Registered: Feinstein Announces Nightmare Plan

ok I'll admit that is what you really believe regarding 'right-wingers'
we get it, we really do

one question: just how do you plan to 'take our money'?

is that a Marx thing?
I guess I won't be hearing anything on a permit, as new language has been added.
It used to just say "drug abuse, or convicted of a felony".
Now they've added "alcohol abuse", and I have attended a 30 day in patient program for that, so....
No permit for me. For now anyway. (even though that was 25 years ago)

So, they actually turned you down?
They never sent me anything after I resubmitted the info, or letter stating the lack there of.
The paper work said right on it, that if approved, I'd receive the permit.
If it is denied, which it was, until they get the extra info they wanted, after
a certain date, it would be discarded. (the end)
Well I did resubmit with the extra info I Could get, and the certified letter
saying that the other info they wanted didn't exist, and now I've never heard back.

Now they have added more 'language' that would disqualify me anyway, so there's no reason to
pursue if farther I reckon.
I'm not eligible if I tried again under the New rules.
I can buy um, and I can carry um(on my little 13 acres).
I've never had an incident yet where I need to have one while out and about.
It'd just be nice for the piece of mind when I'm carrying several grand worth of computer equipment.

Like I said. I did a stretch in a recovery center years ago.
Our governor Nathan Deal I know as an acquaintance, voted for him, and I think he's a decent guy, but
I think he's trying to skate with the current administration in office.
Things would probably change if we get a Republican in the Whitehouse.
Things would probably change if we ever got a real Conservative in the Whitehouse.
ever again.

nope after they legalize 33 million beaners the Pubs will never win another election ever again

Nothing worse than having to ask permission to use your god given rights
or being overly dramatic about a right you'd never pursue anyway.

hey looking at their skin they seem to have the hep too. sanding dentures must be a common thing over there in them islamlands.
Minks is right
we'd never have any use for the income the IRS taxes away
What were we thinking?
I'm sure mama obama will provide

no Winky. I thought on it carefully when wording that.
I meant a Republican.
See it's up to the state, supposedly, mostly, but getting a Rep. in there, conservative or not so much,
the Gov. here would feel he has more freedom to open it up. At least that's my take on it.

Of coarse you know (I see from your post) that we won't get what we Really
need. (A conservative Libertarian)
so tell me
as you lord over your vast empire of businesses
has one government interference EVER improved your bottom line?

My experience has always been that without fail, in every case
their actions has been a detriment to the profitability of the organization.