attn: couch commandos


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for some unknown reason, even to me, Syria just doesn't excite me, unless they bomb Israel.
Let um do their thing.


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That's Your definition maybe.
Because it isn't my definition, doesn't mean I'm not moved by courage.

we've already had the 'couch' conversation.


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Yo Minks do they have a 2nd amendment there?

That mofo al-Assad knows how to deal
shutting off all the power and water
and gunning down 1,700 people Hell yeah



you guys are right. half a million folks standing up against a murderous socialist state. that ain't nothing.



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couch commandos rise up! Oh never mind...

Can't they just ask for help from the only
other Democratic country in the region?


molṑn labé
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Hell no. They just might get it & then what would they bitch about?


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oh manky yer so sucked into the props-o-ganda
do ya really think Egypt will be any better off?

'bout the only one's to come out ahead there lately
are the Iraqis but they are too gol-darn primitive to
ever be able to take advantage of the situation.

Them 7th century throw backs need to live under a strongman's rule

In this case the sheep DO need a Shepard



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They are fighting against oppression period.
They don't care about socialism.
They'll just replace one socialist with another.
Big whoopee.


really? so you know a lot about syrian politics i take it? so whattya think'll happen to the alawis when it's all over?

nah i'm kidding just continue to languish.


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like I said in the thread about the Egyptian revolution....

No, I'm not so much on the region as such, as I am about 'people', and 'communication'.

The mentality there is just about the same on both sides, it's just.....
similar to here, the corruption, and government oppression have peaked.
Just like here's the same old song and dance, so...
Why not keep the focus Here, and take care of our own problems.
No, we don't need any more irons in the fire. In fact, we need a few taken back out.


you've distorted my posts. goebbels would be proud. :D

nowhere do i advocate for putting another iron the fire.

i simply suggest that those half a million people, who stood up for a few basic rights at great peril, deserve some pats on the back for not being spineless.

you, apparently, disagree.

suggest you read patton's speech to the 3rd army.