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Gallup: Dems lose hispanic voters

Well here is a punch in the stomach to those who pandered to Hispanics over the summer by bashing Arizona and its Republican Governor Jan Brewer for passing the immigration law known as SB 1070. According to the latest report from Gallup, Hispanics have peeled off from Democrats in August and September.
Hispanics' Preferences Shift, While Whites' and Blacks' are Stable

Hispanic voters' support for Democratic candidates waned in August and September. As a result, Hispanics in September favored Democrats by a 13-point margin (51% to 38%), compared with 32-point margins in June and July.

Whites in September favored Republican over Democratic candidates by a 14-point margin, similar to their support level in most other months this year. The vast majority of blacks continued to favor Democrats.
This is quite the "duh" moment, considering the vitriolic campaign from the left over anybody who voiced concern over the illegal immigration and border security issue. The mistake that is made so often, though, is that Hispanics in the United States are composed of various individuals of various races from different countries and territories throughout the world .

Using Arizona's SB 1070 as a wedge issue, liberals bunched all those nationalities and races together and assumed each individual from a spanish speaking country would be offended by the push to enforce border security. Such a presumption is not just ignorant but insulting. For example, essentially, the Left is arguing that those of Dominican descent can't possibly be thinking any differently about immigration than Mexicans who cross the border illegally.

How could a Puerto Rican think any differently about immigration than an illegal immigrant from El Salvador, the Left would theorize. Liberals might as well just say Hispanics all look alike and speak the same language, so they all share the same concerns.

This is why Gallup's latest poll is hardly surprising. Did it not cross anyone's mind among the Left that Latinos from various countries who live in the U.S. are likely more concerned with the failing American economy than the Arizona immigration law? Probably not. After all, Democrats were more eager to vote on the DREAM Act than to stay on Capitol Hill and vote to extend the Bush tax cuts.

Oh Lord that's funny. Welcome legal immigrants, to the land of the free.