Can't stay logged in


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Having a hard time staying logged in.
I can log in once or twice with no problems but after that, I get the "thanks for logging" in page but I'm not logged in. I have to clean out the cache before I can log in again.
Once in awhile I get logged out when I hit the reply button too. Doesn't happen all the time though.
Any ideas?
It just happened again after starting this thread. I submitted it, then clicked the New Post button and got logged out and couldn't get back in till cleaning the cache again.

Very annoying.
Downloaded SP3 but other forums are working fine.
Haven't changed any security settings recently.
Do you have more than one browser and if so, does this happen regardless of browser?

Note that I'm just guessing, but if no one else is having the problem I think we have to assume that it's local.
Only using IE.

I'm sure its local. Was hoping someone had some ideas for me to try and fix it.
Try going in and finding the actual cookie and deleting that. I seem to remember they used to get broken and we had to do that at times.
I ran all my scans and now it just won't keep me logged in after I close the borwser.


At least it doesn't kick me out randomly anymore.
So this was Dave's last post.

I hope it's not cause of this. If it is, Dave, you can post in here as a guest (without being logged in).
Wasn't my last post. Just got tired of clearing out the cache every couple of visits.
That and being busy in general.
I meant last post to date :p

Did you try and go and manually remove just the one cookie?
Nah. Just ran CCleaner.
I think its the "remember me" button that messes it up. I'll find out after a couple more log ins.
Try another browser? That'll tell you if it's localized to the browser config or an issue with perhaps a firewall or router or something else on your computer filtering things randomly
I have Comcast. Been using Google Chrome with no problems. Only happens with IE.