Congressman (D) Sends DicPix to Twitter Co-ed


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Weinergate: Congressman Claims “Facebook Hacked” As Lewd Photo Hits Twitter

Image @ link, if you dare! What has been seen cannot be unseen!


Rep. Weiner’s Twitter Account Hacked by Horny Look-Alike (Update: He followed Gennette Nicole, making DM’s possible)

If his twitter and FB accounts were truly hacked.......can a federal investigation be far behind?? Or will his wife recognize the shorts and scrawny legs and leave him?

Tee-hee!! Dems are the smartest people in the world............:rofl3:
I am sure you won't read about it in the I'm just reporting, you decide!
chicks not dicks


"Congwess shall conduct an inwestigation into the iwwegal penetwation of my cowweague's onwine pwivacy!"
Yes, I am surprised too that Weiner sent the pic to a chick instead of a dick........
this whole thing is stupid. stupid is as stupid reproduces stupid shit.

(that being said, i'd laugh as hard as anyone if it was his little weenie... i really can't stand the guy...)
but lordy, it funny to watch weiner wiggle.

pr0n stars and little girls... no wonder he doesn't want it investigated, I wonder what else is on his computer?