Congressman (D) Sends DicPix to Twitter Co-ed

What's really so funny is the more she puts off the media, the more they want her.
Some people thrive of rejection.
her so called rejection is worth millions

even her kids are cashing in

This is nothing but the usual expected behavior of an immoral Democrat. I bet he stuffed his drawers with pantyliners for added effect.
If there had been an R beside his name
he'd have already resigned
If for no other reason than
he has a too small wiener
Weiner in your face

More weiner is good for America
now he can get back to doing the business to the people
He regrets that he got caught. Weiner is an embarrassment, hopefully he'll go Budd Dwyer for the good of the country.

Texas, Washington, Nevada... where else?



I think its time to examine this guys govt phone and computer records.


Looks like Pelosi wants a weiner probe too

Liberalism is a mental disorder

# 156 Make them watch the "Death Camp of Tolerance" episode of South Park.
This is the one where class teacher Mr. Garrison attempts to get himself fired for being gay by shoving the class gerbil Lemmiwinks into Mr. Slave's "tight ass." When the schoolchildren complain about this they are sent to a "Tolerance camp" where screaming SS-type guards force them to draw pictures of "people of all colors and creeds holding hands beneath a rainbow." Meanwhile, back at school, Mr. Garrison wins a Courageous Teacher Award for overcoming adversity. At the end, ask the liberal why he didn't laugh very much.
Remind your liberal friends of the statistic that if liberals donated as much blood as conservatives, America's blood supply would increase by 45 percent.
So conservatives, literally, are the life blood of America, while liberals—in the main—are a drain.
Jon stewart has been on top of this story, and Weiner is a friend of his....
I'm wondering if he's going to be on tonight, and have anything to say on it now.
As has been pointed out, an (R) would have resigned in disgrace. A (D) will use it to as a resume enhancement.