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With a few slight modifications (the biggest being garlic powder instead of actual garlic since I seem to have left the garlic on the belt at the store after having paid for it...) this is what I'm attempting for dinner:


I had it in Greece (twice) and LOVED it. So, I'm trying to make it myself. It's simmering on the stove top right now and smells mighty good so I'm hoping it turns out right :)

What are y'all having for dinner?
Used too much pasta (I was cutting the recipe inthirds and I forgot to cut that quantity)...I hope it's still ok...
We told Avery he could try schnitzel when he could pronounce it properly. It's taken him a few months, but he's done it, so Paul's making it for him now.
I didn't get schnitzel in germany...the only place it was available at the airport was at a sit down restaurant...I should make some soon.

My dinner a bit thicker than it should be but it's ok. Next time I'll have to be more careful in reading the recipe.
It'll probably be better when i get some more tomato sauce and broth in it to make it less thick.
You dont have the fast food joint called Der Weinerschnitzel up there?
You dont have the fast food joint called Der Weinerschnitzel up there?

Not that I know of no...but even if we did that has the word "weiner" in front of it...not regualr schnitzel :p
Schnitzel is actually veal and not pork.

Wiener schnitzel (from the German Wiener Schnitzel, meaning Vienna-style veal cutlet) is a traditional Austrian dish. Possibly originating in Northern Italy (as cotoletta alla milanese), the recipe may have appeared in Vienna during the 15th or 16th century. According to another theory, it was introduced by Field Marshal Radetzky in 1857. The term "Wiener schnitzel" itself dates to at least 1862.

will you guys stop chatting about food? :hmm:

(i forgot to to eat - nay had no time ... and now i am hungry!!!)
Ours was chicken schnitzel. They liked it, so I guess it'll be on the recurring menu now.

Kid said it once as a lucky fluke and he can't say it anymore lol. It's funny watching him try!
I made that Greek dish again tonight...it wasn't as thick as last time but still thicker than it shoulda been...I under estimate how much liquid will boil off when it's in the oven baking.

Uki: Most people would probably also say that souvlaki is traditionally pork in greece...when I was in Greece I had pork, chicken and beef souvlaki...infact, in one restaurant I was in they ONLY had beef souvlaki...doesn't make it any less a souvlaki though.