Do I stay or Do I go now.

Do I stay or do I go

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Luis G

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And I thought this was an old thread by he whose name we prefer not to say ;)


I say stay....At least you are a human being, and even if most of the time YOU'RE WRONG, at least you are a person. Winky, now that wasn't a person....


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You should just, Rock the Casbah!

The aroma of Cat food reminds me of a certain part of a woman’s anatomy
and WD-40 of repairing cars, taken separately each is an enjoyable experience.


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Classic post-bot stylings. Seen it dozens of times..a quick google-search for the user name got me close to 1000 'joins' in one day on 1000 different sites with zero links by topic amongst the sites.

His/its first post wouldn't be spammish..but once the replies came in (auto-subscriptions), the flurry of auto-posts start.