molṑn labé
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Not only did she screw up, in't it about time we demanded our National Anthem be sung as it was written instead of as some pop idol voice test?


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yeah that was crap alright

Dood I had to back it up three times

did you see and hear that the instant GW and his wife came on the screen
the whole stadium erupted in a spontaneous cheer?


Where was Osama?


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I've heard exactly one rendition that didn't make me feel bad for the americans forced to endure it ... that' was a Daytona 500 start ... and it was done by an Army Sgt .... and he wasn't singing for his fans, wasn't singing for the audience ... he was singing for the country he'd signed up to fight for.


bish the pooperbowl here is at least as big as that pussy thing y'all flock around TVs for every year - the world cup. talk about loserville. every half breed and his dick cousin shows up in bars all hours of the day to watch the shit.