Fuc*ing hell...

As long as you didn't tell her about the hard-on. That might weird her out.

Wouldn't weird me out but some girls are weird :shrug:
ah, that's good then

She sounds like a really top notch type girl!!! :headbang:
Squiggy said:
:confuse3: torque, noun. The force that causes one's heels to lift off of the floor when they press down on a piss-hardon.


And then there's the classic "bent-over-forwards-run-to-the-bog-in-the-morning". :headbang:
ipmoof said:
RecklessLeper said:
Oh, I don't think she was somehow... ;)

Excellent. Seems your hard-on was right up her alley. :)

After having seen Jon's pic I bet she prolly wished it was right up somewhere else too ;)
Scanty said:
wow...I wake up this morning to threads about shit, piss, and hard-ons.


Don't forget the one about fapping!
Here's the smiley for it
Luis G said:
The reason is called....Hormones

How do you make a hormone? Don't pay her! :D

/me hopes alex doesn't see that I re-posted a joke he posted at JJR's a long time ago