Fuc*ing hell...

I posted that nearly an hour ago, and it STILL hasn't died down! Ah well, I'm off to bed. See y'all in a couple of hours (I hope it's died down by then :D) ;)


keeps the arsing quilt in the air though (and it's cold this morning...)
LOL :circle:

don't I know it. I went to the loo this morning with my duvet wrapped around me - trust me that is NOT very easy to do.

Must be even harder for you, in your condition though. :D
:confuse3: torque, noun. The force that causes one's heels to lift off of the floor when they press down on a piss-hardon.
ahhhhhh, the beauty of reading that some other guy has a hard-on...

at that moment you realize your day just can't get any better :headbang:

no, seriously :headbang:

You're welcome. :)