Granny was right...


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Professur said:
Not yet. but soon. Aren't you pissed you live so far from the North Pole?
nope, nope. can't say that i am. too darn cold up there. i'll just send santa and his reindeer a package of steriod filled cookies. :nudge:


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I always think it's funny that people think herbal remedies and folk cures are "unscientific." Many of them were arrived at through "trial and error," a perfectly acceptable method of scientifically validating something. Of course, a lot of them are still total crap too...


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Yup...and Arnica (sp?) pills and cremes are still miracle workers when it comes to getting rid of bruising and sore muscles.

I get to play with all sorts of herbal medications thanks to a generous sister who doesn't mind experimenting on her family :D

Oooh...and the pills that my father is taking for his eyesight has 'miraculously' reduced the spot in his left eye which was reducing his vision. He had a spot about the relative size of a dime blurring his vision out of the left eye... it's gone down 30% in 6 months...something which normally doesn't happen without surgery.


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Professur said:
Garlic pills are still the #1 home remedy for high blood pressure.

I was never surprised about herbal remedies, either. How do you think most pharmacuetical companies get most of their medicines?

Aspirin comes from the bark of the willow tree, for example


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Um....everything comes from a natural source, as clever as scientists are these days, they can't actually create anything new.

The only diff between pharmacutical and "herbal/natural" rememdies is the purity, concentration and blend of various things developed in a opposed to picking them straight out of the ground :shrug:

Oh, and herbal remedies are usually a couple of quid more expensive ;)

For those of you into natural narcotics....try snorting ground up gets you really. really fucking high but it also leaves you with an absolutely crippling headache that lasts for days (apparently it was a popular way for sailors to get stoned). Try it at yer own risk :eh: ...... oh, and too much can kill ya.