Grass Roots vs. Astroturf


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Viable individuals who make their own way in this world.
Americans who have had enough of the crap and want less government,
less taxes and a stronger, prouder and more honorable nation.

They've come of their own accord, the grass roots.


(Restoring Honor Rally -- 8.28.10 -- the center to right -- 87,000 in attendance according the left)

Fools, bought and paid for, the beggars and thieves.
Those who cannot, demand to be given, are bussed in and given the words
they hold as truths. Colored coded cogs replacing their individualism and free will.

They are useful idiots herded by their masters, the astroturf.


(One Nation Rally - 10.2.10 -- The Left -- 150,000 in attendance according the left, and their "satellite" imagery lol )

Sometime the truth is hard to ferret from opinions,
seeing something for yourself can sometime make the truth a bit clearer.

Top photo, left side...those are tents - medical, water, etc & porta-johns

Bottom photo, with no people they can park busses there

If I recall, offical numbers say, from the steps to the WW2 Memorial,
along the reflecting Pool, if packed, it's 250,000.
The video shows a different number of people in attendance...
No, not really bish, its the same shot from a lower/opposite perspective. Fox doesn't show anymore people attending than the photo does. In fact the photo offers a much better perspective to ascertain the attendance numbers.

not important tho' - the message is more important than ......
What was the important message Bish? I'm having difficulty figuring it out.
The Message is
Socialist enslavement
and freedom lost!
ya buncha pussies, beaten by some
stoopid commies without ever firing a shot
your progeny will be ashamed of you.
500,000 right wingers are such zealots

as opposed to the left wing environmentalists

Of course, they show respect to our honored. (we have several dozen photos of the same area....CLEAN & PRISTINE)
They've been doing the same thing to the nation as they did to the national mall. Why would anyone allow them to run the nation they hate so much.


It seems Ed Schultz is have another reality problem with his e-penor. He's convinced his political rally of socialist, communist and gays out paced the morality rally of Glenn Beck.

I'm sure you can get onboard with this spike. Ed Schultz on his much bigger rally.
When is less more than more?

The estimates from the MSM on the Beck rally were 87,000.

The estimates of the One Nation rally were 175,000.

The top picture is the Beck rally.

The bottom picture is the One Nation rally.

You decide.

I believe that the bottom picture actually does show 175,000 people. I believe the estimates are correct.

That would mean that the number of people in the top picture would be ... what?

Unfortunately, I don't have a CBS estimate as they are nowhere to be found.

Of course, the Daily Kos is a trustworthy source for news commentary, so let's see what they had to say over there.


On One Nation Crowd Estimates

by penguins4peace
Tue Oct 05, 2010 at 11:09:10 AM PDT

Recently several diaries and comments concerning the size of the crowd at the One Nation 10.2.10 rally have used the estimate of 175,000 in its official march press release. As of today, One Nation seems to have backed off that estimate to state that it doesn't know whether or not the crowd was greater than Beck's 87,000.

My wife and I went to the rally and it was immediately obvious to us that the crowd was smaller than that shown by aerial photos of Beck's crowd. Reportedly a satellite company claims that One Nation had 87,000 in attendance, which would equal Beck's more or less. The Associated Press says that our crowd was "less dense" (that's for sure!) than Beck's. One commenter, who was at both rallies, claims that Beck's dwarfedOne Nation.

Look, the rally was great. It was important, and it was necessary. I'm sure all who were there came away more enthused than ever; I know I did. We should do more of this. And to the extent that attendance matters (and I think it does, a great deal), it is true that One Nation was not nearly as widely advertised as Beck's.

But if attendance at One Nation reflects the Left's enthusiasm as compared to the Right's, than yes, we have a substantial enthusiasm gap and that spells a lot of trouble.

So let's accept the truth - the bad guys showed up more than we did - and work from there. Let's try harder to reach those who always have something better to do, or don't see the point, or don't care, and make them get off their duffs and get, if not to a rally, than to the voting booth at least.

It is true that for evil to triumph it is sufficient that the good do nothing. I would amend that to point out that in our binary system, in order for evil to triumph, it is only necessary for good to do a little less.