here's something we can all get behind!

Control the past to control the future.

I was in the same boat when we moved here. I wasn't around kids in LA, but my wifes
family had tons of them. I asked a question one day & got a most blank look. It was
something about the Mason - Dixon line. Not only could they not tell what it represented,
they never heard of it. HS graduates, through 6th graders. Not a single child in the 4 area
school districts had ever heard of it.

Part of the reason we homeschool.
Yip. Not exactly breaking news but I agree.

My 14y/o daughter was inspired by that video I posted a few weeks back. She's on her 2nd reading of "The Road to Surfdom" this weekend.

[edit] First she read it in a day with minimal research, kinda st right thru. This time she's researching as she goes. Notes in the margins so to spreak.
History is a fringe topic, or rather, has been pushed to the fringes. Far more important to know what WiFi is, and how to use the latest MS or Mac product than what's come before.

The problem with history is that it gets bigger every day.
every political group has their own version of history.

i'm sure hugo chavez is declaring the victory of socialism whenever he has an audience.

that has little to do with the obvious fact that capitalism is the dominant power on the planet. even the chinezers are into it these days!
how so, do you think?

What follows that is to sat, 'therefor lay up treasures for yourself in heaven'.
see, here's the thing most non-Christians don't get.
Jesus basically taught that a (kind of) communist thinking on ones own was good.
To 'Impose' it one others is the fault.
It has to come from ones own heart, and that isn't acquired from imposition.

Paul basically said..."what good you do doesn't matter, if it isn't done with love"