Hey, mister proud southern dude...

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Someone we can unload Kerry Wood (last year's highest paid setup man) upon, maybe? He couldn't possibly have any more serious arm injuries... I'll even throw in Corey Patterson for free!


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I'm thinking AJ Burnett would be a better choice. He got a lot more groundballs than flyballs this past year and he pitched in Florida, meaning he's already used to humid heat.

If we still had Hart as GM I'd expect to see Wood in a Rangers uniform next year but with him gone, it will be interesting to see.


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SouthernN'Proud said:
I'd trade R.J. Dickey straight up for Jed Clampett.
I'd say give R.A. Dickey next year to see how his knuckleball turns out. If it doesn't go well, ship him to Atlanta and he'll end the next year with 220 IP, a 15-8 record with five complete games, 200 K's and a 3.5 ERA.