I hate stoopid people


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Janimal said:
Oooo yeah, let's go to Hawai'i!

And visit Nalani and Ku'u, and the rest of the "Family"! :wave:

And drink beer! :beerdrnk:

And play on the beach! :brow:

And look for pretty flowers!

And round up all the stoopid people :tardbang:, smack 'em :trout: and ship 'em off the rock :trippin:

WOOHOO!!!! I've missed you Jan! :trippin:

so, when y'all coming out?


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kuulani said:
*my turn to die & go to heaven if greenie, jan, and ards fly over*

holy cow, we could take them to Pohue ... and Volcano ... and Kalopa ... and Kohala ... and Waimea ... and whitey Kona ... we can drink our way around the island!!! :headbang: