Is it bad


I don't think Wipes will get down into the keys right. I might just have to get a new keyboard lol.
Top rack of the dishwasher, no heated cycle. Let it air dry for a day or two afterwards.
a day or two?
I'd flip out without a backup :D
You still have the mouse to use while its drying.... :D
I'm impressed that it could withstand a dishwasher. Hm.
That's how I clean mine. No heat, no soap. Comes out sparkling. If you're concerned, a simple sink bath will do similar. Just make sure its completely dry before use.

desktop keyboard, not a laptop, right?
I usually just use a can of air or to spray it out. If my keyboard ever got any kind of "gunk" on it, though, I guess I'd try to use some wipes of some kind, or a paper towel and water... carefully. :D