Israel? Gaza? Hamas? Who? What? Where?

I am absolutely & quite openly biased.

These other are quite biased but they hide behind the curtain & they have power to make policy.
I too must admit some bias, but I feel I must try to uphold the tradition
of trying to fight human injustice where I can. (so I keep an opening in my mind for this)
In relation to the previous story about the stopping of the ship
Despite Israeli concerns, no weapons were found on board. The organizers of the aid ship, Lebanese political and human rights activists, said the cargo comprised of medicine, food, toys and basic humanitarian supplies such as mattresses and blankets.

Hamas wants to give out the supplies...the UN and Israel doesn't want them to because it lends credibility to Hamas as a GVT. Stalemate.
The precise reason for this is still unknown
and currently beyond definitive theoretical analysis.
Hell yeah!
You all ain't gonna stop them folks in the Middle East
from being assholes by typing on an obscure chitty-chat bored.

I say it's a job for Barack Hussein Osama!

he's our man if anyone can He can!