It ain't Irish Spring

wow muslims and welfare together... i bet you just jizzed your sheet.

Moosie terrorist Chechen worthless fucs on welfare
blow up 260 people in Boston
when we are about to legalize 20 million illegals
dude you couldn't make this shit up!
Petroleum firms found so much crude oil in the 1980s that by the 1990s, prices
(after adjusting for inflation) had fallen to one-fifth of what they had been
during the Carter administration. Estimates of reserves rose and rose again.
Energy conservation faltered; oil and gas were too cheap to be worth saving.
politicians exploiting emotion to further their own agenda huh? poodle-skirted cheerleaders? even look in the mirror honey?
What the bloody hell is wrong with you?
If I look in the mirror I won't see an elected politician
nor will I see a poodle, why is it always about me?
Do you have a man-crush on me?
Seriously dude you really need to put forth a little bit more effort.
She is right and yer so metro ! :p