Long overdue get to know your neighbor thread

Cory Alspach (pronounced Alspah)
Owensville MIssouri
2 Biological children (9M, 13M), 4 stepchildren(7M, 11F,12F,14F) 1 Wife, 1 Ex.
Shit, forgot pets.

2 cats, (3F, 2M) 3 Dogs (3M, 2M, 3moF)
Various fish.
No, the numbers in parens are their ages. Pets have birthdays too, you know.
silly me....we celebrate with canned food on doggy b-days here (as opposed to dry the rest of the days)
We usually get them a big bag of chewy toys. Gives the shoes a break for a week or so. :rolleyes:
Ardsgaine said:
So who did you think wouldn't participate?
Thats my little secret. ;) Don't want to make the neurotic even more neurotic by calling them out. Perhaps saying as much was just a ruse to make them all the more nervous. Unspecific claims of abberant spying always serve to unnerve the paranoid .. and draw closer the curious. It suddenly puts everyone on 'elevator awkward' behavior.