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US Edition, how special!

Don't want to show anything against the regime.,9263,7601100920,00.html
Gee... you don't think it has anything to do with the Amerocentric thinking of their US customers, do ya? Nah!

Maybe it's just not a regional story like it is in Europe, Asia and the South Pacific.
Gee Bish, I thought we had US sons dying over there.
I guess nobody cares about that since 'Boosh did it' isn't in office any more.


The TeaParty: all that and a bag of chips, we dominate worldwide.


Michael Scherer is the White House correspondent for TIME.
He previously worked for, Mother Jones, and the Daily Hampshire Gazette.
A native of San Francisco,
he graduated from U.C. Santa Cruz
and Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism.
And busted on the JournoList.

Also the founder of the JournoList, Joe Klein,
has the 2nd spot on this cover.

TIME is so well known for being 'fair and balanced'.
Gee Bish, I thought we had US sons dying over there.
I guess nobody cares about that since 'Boosh did it' isn't in office any more.

We do. But you guys didn't care then either.
Yeah Napoleon, I can tell by all threads you have been posting about the war lately.

Seems to me you spend you efforts trying to paint others as racist and bigots. Lies and leftist propaganda is the best you can do.
I guess you're saying that the people of the US could careless about the other people of the world. -- nice. -- Just look at the cover: HAPPY AMERICA!

Actually we do have people over there risking their own lives helping with the flood. As well we have special forces and incursions into Pakistan fighting terrorist.

Pakistan is important in a war where US soldier are dying, the atmosphere in Paki matters to may of us. The people of the United States have a pretty good record of helping those who are suffering tragedy.

But what we get in the US is a story about how the federal government and unions needs to have immediate radical reforms among its approach. Much of taken from the non-union methods of education.

Some of their socialist thoughts.
  • Use models from the non-union methods of utilizing teachers.
  • Base teachers pay on value.
  • Challenge the students.
  • Get the private citizens to become involved in local schools.
  • Improve the union and keep them strong.
The best conservative solutions for improved public education are still being ignored.
  • Quit using union teachers.
  • Keeping the good teachers and firing the bad ones will improve the education instantly.
  • Drop the federal control over education and allow the feds to "suggest" curriculum.
  • Education is a local/state issue.
  • Drop the politically correct agendas.
It's funny, they find unions are a huge part of the problem so their solution is to "reform" the unions. Our people have been telling you the union has been the problem for decades, get rid of it.

Seems to me its creates an opportunity for liberals to push the fist of Kevin Jennings deeper into our childrens sphincter. I bet in the end SEIU will become even stronger.

Also, from the same people who gave us "An Inconvenient Truth".


My wife and I both speak at the school, we help in the classroom when we're asked. Our kids are plugged in and all of them have presented for the school board, several times. We're not the only ones either.

What I can tell you for sure is: The kids who have parent who are involved in their education consistently are the same kids who preform the best.

Expecting the nanny state to educate your children IS the problem.
Dude... close to half the population in your 'we care about the rest of the world' nation couldn't find Pakistan on a globe if you spelled the name out for them.

Here are your most read news items for Fox today:
  • Chef Commits Suicide After Ramsay TV Appearance
  • Prosecutor in Botched Stevens Case Commits Suicide
  • Mexican Mayor Stoned to Death in Drug-Plagued State
  • Some Dems Won't Commit to Re-Upping Pelosi as Speaker
  • 13 Chrysler Workers Caught Drinking on Their Lunch Break Are Fired
  • CIA Drones Target Terror Threats in Pakistan
  • Two Charged in Deadly Seton Hall Shooting
  • Owner of Segway Company Dies After Driving Scooter Off Cliff
  • Lindsay Lohan Photographed Injecting Syringe, Kissing Paris Hilton
  • Chavez: Venezuela Studying Nuclear Program

Hell, even the world section doesn't even mention the flooding in Pakistan.

Yeah... some people donate money..warms the heart and all that rot, but to say that they give a fuck... a bit of a stretch.
See, if only TIME had filled that needed void of information for millions of Americans waiting in dentist offices.

No we get a piece about "needs immediate and radical changes in national educations system for the childrens"

US ready to bomb 150 Pakistani terror camps?

WASHINGTON: The United States has a secret "retribution" plan to bomb more than 150 terror camps in Pakistan in the event of another major terrorist attack originating from that country.

This startling disclosure about Washington's "all bets off" policy towards an ostensibly dubious ally in the war on terror is contained in Bob Woodward's opus " Obama's War," which details an evolving US approach in the region.

The plan pre-dates the Obama presidency, going back to the Bush White House, but elements of policy, aimed at wiping out terrorist sanctuaries in Pakistan, is evident in the current administration's ruthless bombing by unmanned drones of terrorist targets inside Pakistan, which far surpasses the Bush approach in terms of frequency and intensity.

Times of india
Maybe your right. Had it been 3 years ago the headline would have been something like: "US to bomb flood ravished victims in Cambodia"

just sayin'