well, if it means that much to you start another one and add a disclaimer asking people not to take it off topic. :)
*clears throat*

i don't see monkies mentioned anywhere in this thread...
Ok, sorry. Touchy subject?

So, you rape Donkeys? Is it difficult, I've been looking for a new hobby.
astronuat is just a guy who ties himself to pieces of rope and swings backwards and forward with a Capri Sun in one hand and a star wars toy in the other...

but capri suns where so the shit. you where a badass when u punched the hole in the bottom.
capri suns taste nice but the packaging sucks. When you tried to put the straw in, it always poked through the other side... :crap:
maybe for you but putting the straw in the capri sun was one of the only things i was good at while i was young. i used to have crowds of kids gather round and marvel at my incredible skills.