Open Office 2.0 beta arrives


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A beta version of Open Office 2.0 is available for download. The open source office applications suite claims to offer most of the functions of Microsoft's Office product. It includes word processing, spreadsheet, presentation and drawing software.

The beta has a new user interface - designed to make refugees from Microsoft Office feel at home, according to NewsForge. It also improves interoperability with Microsoft file formats. The site warns that the software needs further testing and is offered with "no guarantees".

Most new features are in the Writer programme. These include word count for selected text, wizards for setting up databases and tables and floating toolbars



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I learnt with the help of colleagues, they gave me a few hints as to how it worked, and then I learnt the rest using the principle of "need equals learn".

I haven't read this page but it seems complete

I'm on Windows and I use winedt and miktex.
miktex is the LaTeX engine, it is free.
Winedt is a text editor with syntax highlighting and support for miktex, downside is that it is not free, thou a shareware version is available for download.

If you're on Linux, latex is most likely already installed, just use a text editor like emacs or kwrite to do your stuff. Executing latex will compile your file and output to a dvi file, from this file you can convert to ps (dvips) or to pdf (dvipdf). I prefer pdf but it is all a matter of personal choice.

If you have more questions (which i'm sure you will), make a thread or pm me.


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Luis G said:
one of those arcane UNIX arts that's more like a dirty word today.
and on the topic of Oo_Org. i'd be happy as a clam with better performance (not likely with java :( ) and a decent spellchekr