Osama Bin Laden dead

What happened to Gonz on this one? He was all about calling no fault divorce a commie thing right up until it was pointed out Reagan started it.

Did his head explode?

I said what I had to say. I got tired of pissing all over you so those contests are over.
Barry Sorento Kills Osama bin Mohammed bin Awad bin Laden

and in other news Osambo''s policies are doing more damage
to America than Osama ever dreamed of.
Osama dead, how bout Obama?

There you go Cat
proof positive that this country
is lame as hell, we are content
to sit idly by while it is destroyed
bed and breakfast

I think those boarders shouldn't eat
all the muffin's at breakfast
Osama Bin Laden dead, America fuck yeah!

Thank heaven and Obambo the war on terror is over.