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aaaaaaaaaand as quickly as I logged in, I got booted out. I think they got spooked from me trying to get in, and decided to lock me out. *sigh*


Anybody get a hold of Sam in the last year or so? cause they're stonewalling me now, and won't even talk to me about the four licenses that I've owned and kept active for the last 2 goddamn years...only reason they're still in sam's name is because of how hard it is to get them transferred.
You know I really dislike how you have to join facebook to view it. I also wish that everyone's page was not set to private by default. I doubt so many people are as into being private, they just don't necessarily realize they aren't by default. Other than that facebook sure kicks the crap out of MySpace.

I have yet to even go to the Twitter site. Twitter is for twits?
They're getting better at allowing 'usernames' instead of real names, but privacy is always an issue, especially in a place where people insist on sharing everything from their home address, phone numbers etc...to their birthday and job. A bot could clean up there.