Remember what old Joe said?


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Not Biden's words, Gonz. What Biden said is that the Economy is worst than expected and to wait for the stimulus money to start working. Some of it is already working, much of it is in play but not showing effect yet, and some won't be in play for months yet.

Turning an economy around isn't like turning a Prius during a U-turn.


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The economy isn't going to 'turn around'
for ten years, this whole crash was predicated
back in the early 90's The cause is clear, the source
of the effect well known.

The problem is that everything
these klowns are doing is completely wrong and only
making things worse.

They are turning a skinned knee into gangrene
which at this rate will require the patients leg to
be amputated, call the prosthesis department!


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Not Biden's words, Gonz.

Watch the video. Also, why were they using BLUE CHIP INDEXES when his boss, Obama, said the market doesn't matter? He also said (in another interview) that the stimulus money is being misspent & stolen.


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Old Joe??

Are you talkin' 'bout a cup of cold coffee??

As in: don't you touch hard liquor.