Sarah Palin Issues Statement In Response To AZ Shootings

I thought it was an eloquent statement, and also thought it funny that
she preempted the president on his next statement.
meh, I don't see her in that light, but apparently many many do.

I think it's hilarious that the left sees her as so much of a threat,
when she doesn't hold an office, and atm isn't even running for one.
Just another citizen.

She is the perfect distraction it seems to get the intrest off other groups
that are quietly making big headway in the political arena.

I say..."Keep up the great works Mrs. P"
She's cashing in like mad!

You go girl and your daughters too!

She is very presidential in manner and speech.

which is another way of saying that everything is more or less about her own vanity?

nah, not very presidential. unless you consider AL FUCKING GORE presidential.

put the two of them in a room with a couple sledgehammers, lock the door, barricade it from the outside, and walk away... forever...