Second Term Blues

Grab some popcorn, folks. Pull up a chair. Get yourself a 6 pack. No … a 12pack
and join with me and other liberty-minded folks as we watch the Left finally sink
their comedic and inquisitive teeth into the rotted flesh of the Hope & Crap Machine
that we’ve been caterwauling about for the last five, seems like twenty, years.
yanno the Iran-Contra scandal wasn't a scandal at all
it was pure genius, sell arms to the eye-rainains and use
the money to fund the anti-communists in niggerraugia?
fuc'n A a brillaint plan Olly north shoulda gotta the Medal of Honor !
har yeah even with half his brain tied behind his back Raygun was ten times the man ol Barry will ever be
oh no my little wannabee metro bro
Ronnie was a good man honest and true
and history will show that Barry was the banality of evil!
i have absolutely no idea what happened. but i expect the nearest QRF was more that 9 hours away. they did not fail to have extra security as requested. they failed to have adequate security from the get-go. kinda like the marine barracks in beirut. basic technocratic incompetence. but what else would you expect from manager types?

ultimately it won't stick.

obama needs to be nullified in a legislative sense. and that is happening. the idiot fringe banter only serves to delegitimize your own cause. get some dignity and the law will follow. most of america wants a smaller fed and lower taxes. most of them also don't care if fags wanna get married. get with the program, chooch.

it's almost as if you are pissing on the future because you are too lethargic to deal with it.


Umm...most of the Spec Ops folks I worked with had a 30 minute response time...add in flight time, and you'd get a much clearer idea as to when they would arrive on scene.