shoot me in the head to end my pain.


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ash r said:
i just burped, my ears popped, and now i'm REALLY suffering. i feel like my ear canals are trying to expand.
If its a runaway ear infection, get your doc to give you a script for some vantin. That stuff knocks out ear infections in a matter of hours.


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awww, unc replied to my thread :) i'll be sure to see if i can get some vantin when i go (back) to the dr's, hopefully later...

my hearing has gone a little fuzzy now. that's probably not a good thing :(
i was sitting at my boyfriend's house, crying... "you need to get back to the doctor", he told me.

if i can't get to the doctor... i'm going to make my mom take me to the hospital... in fact, that's crossed my mind now...
should i wake my mom up and have her take me now, at 2:47 am?
it might make ME feel so much better. but she likely wouldnt be too happy about it.

and here it turns into an internal conflict.
the loss of my excruciating pain, at the cost of a few hours of my mom's sleep?
let it be also said that it's very difficult for me to sleep with all this going on with me...

i dont know :( i'm too selfless sometimes. i want to let my mom sleep.

but... i think she'll understand...


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she say no :(
she'll try to make me a dr's appt later, tho...

she had me take some ibupoffen.
i've been instructed to sleep.

yeah right.
fat chance.


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ok, so i went to the dr's, and he gave me some amoxicillin (sp?)... as well as eyedrops, because i also managed to get pink-eye!

i took some cold pain reliever... i feel pretty good now... except for when i swallow... no jokes, please :p


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If they gave you amoxicillin, it had to be throat based instead of ear based.

Hey, squig... I'm tired all the time. Nothing new


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a13antichrist said:
Have a strong drink.. or five... and then dare to come back and claim that it didn't do the trick.. ;)
The staff of Off Topic Central wishes to clarify that it does not, in fact, condone underage drinking. :D


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i do feel a lot better... my throat's completely stoppid hurting, and my conjunctivitis has cooled off quite a bit.
my left ear still pops like a bitch, tho :(


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Take ALL of the antibiotics they prescribed to you ash, even if you feel better before they're gone...ok??
Get some rest and keep us posted toots...I'm so glad you're doing better. :hug: