shoot me in the head to end my pain.


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Im all out of bullets

but, dont take ibuprofen or asprin with a fever

drink 3 bottles of cough syrup and have a few shots


but really, i hope you get better fast


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ash r said:
throat and both ears.
in extreme pain.
feel like i'm being stabbed in head.
ow ow ow

Sounds like some really bad oral sex, don't it?


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as a followup, it turns out that it was my tmj acting up, so the official cause is that it was caused by my jaw being screwy.
though weirdly, my hearing became decreased in both ears. it eventually got better, thankfully, but i thought it was interesting my jaw issues made my hearing suck.

and prof, i bet you'll dig this thread up every year or so until this board ceases to be :p


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I have TMJ too. Luckily, I don't get any headaches, just a popping noise when I chew, or if I chew too fast, it stops popping, and feels a little numb. I'm guessing that the pop is the jaw getting misaligned and when I chew too fast, the jaw doesn't have time to get back into place and it starts to get numb. It will also get sore if I chew for a long time, i.e. eating gum.