Sin City


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bruce willis
jessica alba
benecio del torro
clive owen
micky rourke

nice cast. i put this on the possible list when i saw the trailers on tv, but with that cast now, its on the definate list.


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I think that Erik wants to see this, but with my back I can't stand the movie theater seats. Plus my heightened sense of smell and hearing doesn't help how annoyed I can ge tin a crowded theater.

That will have to be boys night out and we can rent it when it comes to blockbuster.


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deBish Reviews - Sin City

Well...considering that I got to see it for free, I suppose that I got what I paid for.

I rented Sin City and watched it over the weekend with my wife and Mum-in-law...or at least, I began watching it with them, because my mum-in-law left after the first 30 mins and my wife gave up the ghost after 45 mins. I can't say that I blame them... I watched the movie from start to finish and couldn't keep my eyes off the screen. Then again, I was desperately looking for a scene or some dialogue that would 'save the movie from itself'.

I tried in vain.

Given the fact that this movie was based on several graphic novels written by Frank Miller, one of the most respected story tellers in the industry and taken from one of his most popular series of novellas... I expected the screen to ooze relevance and great dialogue. Playful banter, sinful doubles-entendres, and snappy one-liners should've challenged the watcher to keep up with both the words and the gritty atmosphere of the visuals. Imagine, a film-noir set in a quasi-1950's era..with the cinematography aimed at making 'live action' seem like it was a comic book.

Visually...the cinematography was fabulous. The hard-cut edges to shadows, the overpainted details, the way the camera followed and preceded the actors and the action all screamed 'comic book'! The music was fitting as well, slipping almost unnoticed except in the way that it tickled the unconscious to drive the tension.

All this hard work for 3 ½ stories that barely intertwine, where the violence and blood find a higher ground than the dialogue, where bullets and guns hold a higher purpose than the actors, and where the ‘look’ is more important than the story. I true shame.

**** ½ - visuals

* - story


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I was gonna pick this up at Walmart last week, but noticed Flubber next to it. Flubber won out.

I've always mixed up Rourke and Willis. Watching the pair in a movie could get interesting.


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Professur said:
I was gonna pick this up at Walmart last week, but noticed Flubber next to it. Flubber won out.

I've always mixed up Rourke and Willis. Watching the pair in a movie could get interesting.
They don't interract. IMHO, you picked the better movie.


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strange this thread should be up top as i just finished watching the movie a couple of minutes ago.

i havent read the comic books yet, but i thought the movie was spot on. it looked and played like a live action comic book. which, i believe, was just what the directors were shooting for.
from what i've read about the movie, most of the camera angles were lifted directly from the comic book.


I enjoyed the movie just for the fact it was something different than the mainstream. I agree though image was a big factor in this movie and suffered the same rut as most movies on the market (horribly choreographed story line). The movie wasn't a total downer and I rank it as so compared to other movies of the last two years which with exception of a couple movies all bombed horribly.


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I could swear that I saw "Tarantino" in the credits. It's just like a lot of his stuff, in that it's so disjointed that you're fighting to find the rhythm of it.

Reminds me of 'From dusk till dawn' which looks like Tarantino took tweo movies and smushed them together, when each would've made a fine movie on its own.
Part 1 - horror drama about an man and his daughter kidnapped in their own RV
Part 2 - A campy vampire flick.

If Sin City had kept to one storyline for the whole movie with a few meanderings, it would've floated... but as it was... it tanked!