slide scanners


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My dad would like to digitize ~2k 35mm slides. Anyone have any recommendations or pointers in slide scanners?
Our Epson Perfection 1260 has an adapter but it's aboutr 5 years old.

2000? Have it done. Time vs money.
It would be a hobby thing, so time is not an issue (could be a years' project). He's actually looking at a scanner vs repairing his slide projector.
I have a similar slide adapter for my scanner at home, and have yet to make the damn thing scan properly.

This site'll tell you how to do it with a regular scanner - hopefully it's easy to remove the transparent materials adapter. Looks like you can do sets of 20 or so at a time.

Tip from me:
1- When you scan..set it higher than 300spi. If you want to output to photo later, you'll probably need to go to about 1200spi for a crisp 5x7.
2- Dust the scanner after every set... the heating of the glass will create just enough static electricity to attract dust from your environs. A badly placed dust particle 4X larger WILL show up in a print.
3- Scan all as one file and then cut them out in PShop or another program. In PShop, it's fastest to create a blank 4x6 document, open the scanned image, use the select tool with fixed ratio that matches your blank and drag the selection from the original onto the blank (hold CTRL and ALT while dragging) Each dragged selection will create a new layer. When it's time to save, use "Save as" pick jpg. Once the first image is save, make the top layer invisible and do "Save as" again. Repeat until you've gotten down to the bottom layer...much faster!
It's time consuming..especially once you've finished your scans and you have to retouch the new images..but worth the effort.