So, If I can post

yes if you can post in the other forums you are not sentenced to just the kiddie korner
So we could still post here though? What if we get some good conversations going here?
thats fine too, but remember someone tha ends up in here for being bad they can only post in here so the thread would prolly get sit in.
Hey...when someone is naughty...can they have, like, a huge dumb symbol pasted over the top of their av until they're let out of the Kiddie Korner?

:laugh: You know, like when the bad kids in school used to have to wear a hat with 'D' written on it.

It could be a massive butt or something. No wait! A picture of Celine Dion! Ha ha ha!

Do I sound like a sadist?
*rubs hands together*

Good, good...

How gutted will I be if I end up in here with a huge butt pasted over my lovely glitter-ball! :laugh: