Swap the lady for a "must-have" gadget?


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Attack of the dweebs comes to mind on this. There are times to play on the toys but then there is bonding with the wife or girlfreind....

Alright, so we're taking this survey episode of propaganda quite lightly, but apparently an alarming amount of guys would give up their "must-have" woman for that "must-have" gizmo. Reportedly, a UK survey conducted by GfK NOP on behalf of mobile price search agent (read: spam bot) 60207 found that nearly one out of every eight men surveyed would willingly ditch their girlfriend -- but not their 'fro -- for a hot gadget, which was classified as a svelte HDTV, iPod, or some other desirable inorganic object. While the 16 to 24-year olds were quickest to swap a person for a gadget (17-percent), only 2-percent of the happily married 55 to 65-year old crowd was willing to throw away their silver anniversary for something found at Circuit City. Also of note was the female reaction, as nearly six-percent of ladies admitted that they would kick their man to the curb for a lovely piece of electronic kit, but considering just how much the dames have fallen for gizmos of late, this isn't all that shocking. So while holding onto your SO might not be all that difficult a fortnight into February, don't be alarmed if things get testy around June.
The line that got me was the one about trading your lady for something at Circuit City.

Mah lady is something at circuit city! :laugh:
all depends exactly what they sell at circuit city.

if he has the receipt then she's his -

just keep a puncture repair kit handy, and he'll see in his silver anniversary no problem :D

(j/k Altron ;) )